Flavoured Gin

Who knew there was such a thing as flavoured Gin? I certainly didn’t… until one trip to the supermarket changed things forever.

We’re used to having the “standard” gin.. Gordon’s Gin or Bombay Sapphire Gin is our usual tipple, but now we’re being adventurous and trying all new flavours. How you drink it is up to you, but we tend to have lemonade or even some sparkling water. The water is good as it means you can still taste the flavoured gin!

Our Favourite Flavoured Gin

Pinkster Raspberry Gin 70cl Bottle

Being crafted in Small batches this Pinkster raspberry gin is highly exclusive and unique for the gin lovers. This gin is made with the finest raspberries which are hand steeped. It is ideal to be served with gin martini or for a mix with a classic tonic for G& T. Comes with a standard 700 ml (70cl) pink bottle and the alcohol content is 37.5%. Give a great flavor of the dry and smooth fruit notes.  It is best to be served in room temperature. Pinkster never disappoints you; instead they offer you the most exclusive blends and breeds of premium Gin.

Price: £38.95

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Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur 50 cl

This fabulous gin is made in the heart of Scotland. This is an infused gin made using a traditional family recipe with tangy spring crop Rhubarb mixed with some oriental ginger, which gives this drink the fabulous pink texture. This drink is ideal to be kept in any type of drinks cabinet and could also be tagged along with cocktails. This gin would be perfect during winter as a warmer with the warming spices it carries. This drink could ideally be served with lemonade, tonic or some soda. It may be consumed with champagne or with some ice cubes over it as well.

Price: £16.00

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Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur 50 cl

Elderflower Liqueur is a Sweet, mesmerizing and great flavored liquor manufactured by the Edinburgh gin company. Being made in the heart of Scotland this gin carries a great floral flavor which gives hints of pear, peach and grapefruit zest. The legendary palate carries all the major elderflowers wetness tagged along with its own natural dry nature. This drink is Ideal to be mixed with lemonade, tonic or any other soda. This is a very  popular drink served at cocktail parties and could be served along with some champagne or just neat with some cubes ice according to the preference of the consumer.

Price: £16.65

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Williams Seville Orange Gin 70cl

A unique and delicious blend made in Herefordshire in the UK. Seville orange gin is classically made using their very own cider apples to get the base spirit. This drink is ideal to be served with a slice of orange, some quality tonic and ice, along with classic Negroni or refreshing G&T. The legendary recipe of this drink carries a very clear procedure where the base spirit made using apple cider slowly infuses with a classic range of hand-picked botanicals like elderflower, lemon and some juniper berries. The bottle looks attractive too, with Seville oranges etched onto a crystal clear bottle.

Price: £38.45

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Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin 70 cl

This is the trademark gin for Christmas. It is made by distilling the legendary Christmas puddings made according to expert recipes. This fine gin is produced by highgate microdistillery which is a well reputed company. This could be substituted into any kind of gin such as the legendary Negroni. It carries a festive flavor hinting Christmas party and as a cocktail to be served. This could ideally be poured with large measure of ice and top with tonic water of your preference, cherished along with a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange to a great Christmas G&T.

Price: £37.89

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Greenall’s Wild Berry Flavoured Gin

This is one of the new additions to the Greenall’s Gin range with the first being old for more than 250 years. The great blend for this gin comes with the finest blackberries grown in England hedgerows alongside with a combination of infusing raspberries. The 7-cl/ 37.5% give a great juicy and luscious flavor to the gin lovers. Can be served with tonic for a fruity fruit G&T or could be added among those classic cocktails for summer parties. Our thirst and passion for the classiest gin never dies and over the years we have been able to maintain consistency for a great extent.

Price: £24.99

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