Gin Festival 2017 – Dates & Ticket Guide

The 2017 Gin Festival is back and better than ever! As an attendee you will be able to learn the history of various gins, take masterclasses, speak to distillers and of course, try some fantastic craft gins.

When you arrive you will be given a special Gin Festival glass as well as a brochure and information about all the gins you can try (or try to try!).

What are the dates for the Gin Festival 2017?

The festival will be held at the following locations:

  • London (17-19 February)
  • York (24-25 February)
  • Glasgow (3-5 March)
  • Blackpool (10-11 March)
  • Manchester (24 March – 2 April)
  • Torquay (14-15 April)
  • Nottingham (22-23 April)
  • Swansea (28-30 April)
  • Bournemouth (5-6 May)
  • Bristol (12-13 May)
  • Ipswich (2-3 June)
  • Newcastle (9-10 June)

Where can I buy a ticket and how much does it cost?

Tickets are priced at £14 per ticket (plus booking fee) at the London location and £9.50 (plus booking fee) for most other locations. To attend, you obviously must be 18 and above – so arrange a baby sitter if you have kids as it might be a late one!

Buy tickets directly from the Gin Festival website.


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Are you not coming to Sheffield this year


What about leicester


We could go to the one in march us ladies, jen could come

L cotton

Are you not returning to Norwich?!