Get paid to drink Gin & travel Europe!

The Gin & Tonic club, I Love Gin are recruiting an intern and it’s possibly one of the best intern positions around.

As the I Love Gin intern, you will be lucky enough to travel around the UK and parts of Europe discovering new gins to work with – and get paid for it. Working from either home or a gin bar somewhere in Europe, the role is flexible.

The website are advertising the job saying:

Fancy having a job which involves tasting new gins, traveling to chat with new drink companies, working out the best pairing of a particular gin with a particular tonic and ultimately enjoying free G&Ts ?

Here at we’re looking for a ‘Gintern’ as we like to call it, they’ll be responsible for trying out new gins, giving us feedback on pairings, discovering new brands to work with, contributing to our blog, sharing the gin love on our social platforms and traveling around the country and a trip or two into other countries in the name of ginspiration and exploration!

They are looking for a person who has a is socially savvy, creative, friendly, loves going to new places to meet new people and of course, has a passion for gin.


Do you fit the bill?

You must be 18, live in the UK, have excellent written and spoken English, happy to travel and happy to try LOTS OF GIN!

Apply on the I Love Gin website:


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