Gin Glorious Gin Running Tour

“Do you love Gin? and running? But mainly Gin? “

Here’s the perfect experience for you. Every day and night from the 2nd April to the 6th April, Secret London Runs is hosting a group running tour to celebrate London’s long term thirst for gin.

The route is around 9km where you will explore London’s various gin crazes, stopping at notable gin palaces and even play a few gin games. Not much of a runner? Don’t worry, each group has a set guided pace so you can choose the tour you are most comfortable with.

At the end of each tour you’ll head to a private area in one of London’s historic gin palaces for your free G&T, along with a goody bag and a copy of Katy Kirby’s Hurrah For Gin book.

When are the dates of the Secret London Runs Gin Tour

Sunday 2nd April @ Midday: 1 hour 15 minute pace for 10km run
Monday 3rd April @ 6pm: 45-55 minute pace for 10km run
Tuesday 4th April @ 7pm: 1 hour pace for 10km run
Wednesday 5th April @ 7:30pm: 1 hour 30 minute pace for 10km run (half walking, half gentle jogging)
Thursday 6th April @ 7pm: 1 hour for 10km run

How can you sign up for the Gin Running Tour?

Simply visit the UK Funzing page to sign up!

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